Friday, May 7, 2010



I am currently sitting in a random office in NYC. For the past week I've been assisting Cary Norton on a shoot, and I'll be here until next Thursday. Today, has been a particularly lovely day, being that Laura is flying in today. She just has the ability to make my day infinitely better just by thinking of her. Fact.

On top of that, we're staying with the great Brian and Brooke Murphy. Wonderful people, and a wonderful place. This morning I woke up around 4:45 to see this image rising with the sun.

View for a Window Waking Up

Keeping with the iPhone theme, I was able to go hear the curator of TED, Chris Anderson, give a small talk at . (I recorded the audio, and will post it when I get some downtime.) Here's a shot of us looking like we're best buddies who are going after the same girl, but we don't want the other to know:

Me & Chris Anderson (curator of TED)

It's been great hanging out in the city, but I will be very ready to return home come Thursday.

Soon after I return to Birmingham, Laura and I will be heading down to the beach with many dear friends to have a proper vacation. Then, it's back to wedding season with a bang! (2 in 1 weekend, both on location....crazy fun)

There's a big update for you guys. Lots of things to think through. I expect a 2 page paper on my desk in the morning.

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